Why choose our products?

In an attempt to meet the parameters of this regulation, many Italian industries, in particular PMI, deal everyday with all those technical problems and high costs of the traditional systems in market offerings.
For this reason, here at Iride Acque Srl, we decided to develop cutting-edge technologies that are extremely effective and competitive compared to those traditionally used.

Thanks to this, we are able to offer a greater reduction of the wastewater, both biological and chemo-physical.
Our systems are completely automatized and remote-controlled, and it is possible to manage them with an app.

For this reason, our systems are very easy to manage and control, and it is possible to schedule their cycle of functioning following up with the production cycle of the company.
Our systems do not need wide areas and spaces and they can even be adapted to pre-existing systems; they are modular and they work well with both larger and smaller amounts of wastewater.