After accurate researches and studies, our researchers have registered two patents, thanks to which we are now able to produce systems that are compatible with our clients’ different requests.

Our EMER technology (Enhanced Magnetic Heterogeneous Reactor) consists in a half-filter reactor where a heterogeneous catalyst, affected by the presence of magnetic fields, develops a reaction based on catalytic advanced oxidation, which contributes to the efficiency of the piped reagents reaction.

The result is a system that is able to oxidize and break down even the most recalcitrant pollutant without having to add other reagents (that might produce other substances to dispose).
One of the most advantageous results of our technology is the modest production of (completely mineralized) excess sludge.

Today the EMER is available in two different versions:

  1. Emer Peoxyde: suitable for the hydroxyl radical creation, highly reactive oxidizing species even as a result of the introduction of low quantities of H2O2 in the system;
  2. Emer Ozone: suitable for the catalytic assistance of the dissolved ozone. This eases the process in terms of retention timing and dosing.