What we offer our clients

Our technologies enable great results in many different ways, such as:

  • Degradation and mineralization of organic compounds in wastewater;
  • Pretreatment of recalcitrant pollutants before (or simultaneously) an organic treatment;
  • Pretreatment of effluents that are used to improve membranes functionality;
  • Reduction of the organic load of the effluent in an organic oxidation;
  • An effective purification of the effluents.

The main examples of our technologies application are:

    • Agricultural industry wastewater;
    • Food industry wastewater;
    • Dairy industry wastewater;
    • Wine industry wastewater;
    • Brewing industry wastewater;
    • Petrochemical industry wastewater;
    • Pharmaceutical industry wastewater;
    • Landfills leachate treatment.

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