Clean water
is our mission

EMER is what was missing for the reuse of industrial water.

The process we have developed enables us to purify and disinfect industrial wastewater “in situ”, thus returning a product with physical and chemical characteristics that make it possible to reuse it in the same production cycles from where it comes.

Even a drop of water can make a difference in our future

the ideal partner for taking care of your water

We are an innovative SME and Benefit company which takes care of any type of industrial wastewater. We believe the businesses that need and want to use such a valuable resource respectfully need new tools and effective answers to their demands.

What Iride Acque offers

Our 20 years of management experience means that we have a great deal of experience in the application of traditional, widely used technologies, however, we are convinced that this is not nearly enough, in order to satisfy our customers we must research and be constantly innovative, every day.

EMER, an example of a circular economy

Our patented catalyst is produced by recovering part of the materials from exhausted batteries, precisely because the principles of the circular economy have guided our choices since our beginnings.

Who we operate with

Iride Acque operates in diverse markets and generally targets end-users, EPC Contractors and Multi-utilities.

Gruppo Greenthesis

Tintoria Emiliana

Acque Bresciane


Gruppo Caviro

Azienda Servizi Integrati Lambro Spa

Caseificio Sociale il Battistero

Gruppo Duvel


10 May 21

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19 March 21

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