Iride Acque:
innovation and

One target: to spread a new water culture

Iride Acque is an innovative SME, because innovation is our mission, and as a Benefit Company we try to contribute, every day, to the diffusion of a new water culture.
We mainly deal with industrial wastewater treatment, paying particular attention to its reuse. We are also able to find the best solution to any necessity related to the treatment of water used by industrial companies.

Our company was founded in 2015 by a group of managers with more than 20 years of industrial experience who were aware of a deep change taking place: on the one hand, companies were increasingly called upon to deal directly with the purification of their own wastewater, and on the other hand, they could not find truly effective solutions in the available products.  Our first objective was therefore to try to find an answer to this shortage. We focused on the study of a very effective, but equally expensive technology, generally used to purify the air, trying to adapt it to water purification, at a sustainable cost.

Today, with a slight touch of pride, we can say that we have been successful.

Our history,
one step at a time

Every collaboration is a goal reached and, in these seven years, we can safely say that we have established a network of important and significant partnerships. Here are the key milestones that have marked our success story.

Why choose Iride Acque

Because we deal with the protection of a precious and irreplaceable asset

We like to think that the main reason for our success lies in the fact that we deal with water, an asset that is precious because it is scarce, non-reproducible and without which no form of life is possible.

Because we are an example of circular economy

The principles of circular economy have guided our choices since the early beginning, we are inspired by a simple principle “nothing that works should be thrown away, but recycled”.

Because industrial wastewater is not all the same

We study the best solution for each of our customers, the machines and systems may be the same, but it is their combination and their setting that make the difference.

Because of the quality of our products

Our products are not only more efficient and less expensive, but they offer many other advantages to meet the different needs of our customers: they are compact, easy to use, modular and flexible.


We boast a list of important acknowledgements and awards, both at a national and international level.
A concrete guarantee of the quality of our services.

Trace X Greenthesis
September 2020
International Technovisionary Award 2020
October 2020
Ecomondo The Green Technology Expo
November 2020
10 Italian Women Entrepreneurs who challenged 2020
January 2021
100 Italian Excellences
March 2021
Champions of Sustainability
January 2022