Products and services
for industrial
water treatment

Iride Acque: a well
rounded partner

The value we give to water, a precious and scarce resource, compels us to present ourselves to our customers as a comprehensive partner for water management in their companies.

This does not imply being “all-knowing”, but sharing with the customer the short, medium and long term objectives concerning the management of water in the company, both clean and dirty, in order to find the best strategy and the best solutions suitable for the customer.


In order to achieve this, it is important to constantly search for innovative solutions, both through direct research and through the establishment of partnerships with subjects of excellence that share our same mission.

Our customers can count on us during the design phase, during the implementation of the planned interventions and even after, when it comes to managing the plants, systems and/or maintaining them to ensure their constant effectiveness and efficiency.

We have five different sizes capable of treating from 5 to 30 cubic meters/day, which, if used in series, can guarantee the treatment of up to 5 times the amount of wastewater.
On the other hand, we are also equipped to design “custom made” plants for higher flow rates.


Effectiveness of treatment
Our process is effective even in the treatment of the most recalcitrant wastewater, especially for the reduction of parameters difficult to treat with other technologies.

Reduced size
The speed with which our process develops results in plants up to 85% smaller than those using alternative technologies.

Automation equals ease of use
Our systems are fully automated in accordance with the Transition 4.0 Plan, so they are easy to use.

Less expensive
Small in size means less investment; the process has also been designed to minimize operating costs, with savings of up to 70%.

Biological oxidation is a well known and tested technology that provides significant results in the presence of precise conditions: it is very effective in the presence of a low COD, but it is not suitable for the treatment of recalcitrant wastewater.

However, we are able to offer different biological treatment solutions in the most innovative versions but, above all, to enhance the effectiveness of these treatments by combining them with our technology that optimizes the results. This is possible thanks to an improvement in the biodegradability of the water leaving our plants.

The processes of chemical oxidation are many and use different oxidants, we know them well and we are capable of advising and applying the best solution to meet the needs of the customer. The company, in addition to the best known patent, owns a second patent, which falls fully within the category of chemical oxidation and which uses the ozone as an oxidizing agent. This solution is certainly expensive, but particularly effective when the disinfection phase is particularly critical.


We are able to offer our customers any kind of water treatment: filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and any kind of chemical-physical treatment that can meet their requirements. We focus in particular on the reuse of industrial water, which we consider to be one of the most effective responses to the present threat of the water crisis, a growing threat to the planet and therefore to our quality of life.